FORMADEN is a genuinely Brazilian company. Created in Pomerode / SC, in 2008. Currently located in São Jose dos Pinhais / PR, and serves the entire national territory.

Company focused on the Dental Prosthesis Market. It was created by LUIS REI DE MELO, from his professional experience of years in the segment, at the time Commercial Representative of the Dental Branch.

He noted the need for professionals to have access to superior quality products, produced from organic raw material. Formaden is currently specialized in the manufacture of organic waxes for dental sculpture, achieving national and international recognition. It has the collaboration of renowned Partner Teachers, Dental Prosthesis Technicians and Dental Surgeons, known in Brazil and worldwide. After two years of research, in 2010, he obtained the registration with ANVISA, of Prophylaxis (Sodium Bicarbonate) for prophylaxis, which is used and recommended by the best professionals in the Dentistry market. With extra fine granulation that guarantees longer equipment use without clogging.



Only Brazilian company recognized with Quality Certificate issued by ABO - Brazilian Dental Association since 11/30/2017. Among its products from Formaden we have the Organic Waxes for Sculpture - INOWAX, Waxes for Aesthetic Diagnosis - AESTHETIC, Waxes for Assembly of Prosthesis Models - GENGIWAX, aimed at sculpture and dental diagnosis, with a similar characterization to natural gums and teeth. And PROPHYLAXIS for prophylaxis. Its line also includes several products aimed at the dental prosthesis, including silicone matrices, machinable blocks, spatulas, etc.


Company focused on the customer, in search of product quality, always developing and researching new products for the segment.